Data Interactives

Data visualizations, whether small and concise as found on Skagit County Trends, or others telling a much larger story, are ways of organizing and presenting data so it’s easier to understand.

This web page is dedicated to archiving a variety of data visualizations, most automatically updating. So each time you have a look, they'll likely to have changed. If we notice something, we'll be sure to mention it in a blog update. All the data visualization were specifically chosen because they are  relevant, and most importantly, include local information.

Current Visualizations:

Occupations In Demand / In Decline

  • Interactive map of WA counties
  • In demand, balanced, and not in demand
  • Hundreds of occupations offered

Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims Weekly Dashboard

  • State and county for 2019 and 2020 YTD
  • By supersector or industry sector 3-digit NAICS
  • Author: Jeff Robinson, Washington State Employment Security Department

Share of Baby Boomer Owned Businesses

  • Interactive map of WA counties
  • Total, employees, payroll & sales 
  • For 11 industry sectors

COVID-19 Vulnerability of Cities in Washington State

  • Totals: ages 65+, disabled, and type of insurance
  • Shares: diabetics, smokers, HIV, and obese
  • Author: Association of Washington Cities